Nikah Daftar

Jamiat-e-Mahdavia provides Nikah Daftar to Mahdavis for recording marriages. The Daftar is useful in getting official documents like Passport, etc. The Daftar process is as follows:

  1. Collect the blank Daftar form before the day of Nikah.
  2. At the time of Nikah, fill up the Daftar form and get the required signatures (Khateeb, Bridegroom, Bride, Wakeel, Witnesses, etc.). Use the official names of the bride and bridegroom while filling the Daftar, i.e. names as given in school records.
  3. Submit the filled-up Daftar form to Jamiat-e-Mahdavia.
  4. Jamiat will keep the original Daftar form for its record and issue a photocopy of the Daftar form along with a letter on Jamiat’s letterhead.
  5. With the Jamiat letter and the Daftar photocopy, you can submit an application to Karnataka Wakf Board for a marriage certificate. Note that Wakf Board accepts Jamiat Daftar and letter and has been accepting it since 1982.
  6. Karnataka Wakf Board will issue a marriage certificate which you can use for passport application, etc.

This service is provided lillah and Jamiat does not charge any fee for it.

For any clarification, please contact Secretary, Jamiat-e-Mahdavia.


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