Jamiat Hostel

In 2006, Jamiat-e-Mahdavia started a hostel facility for students and professionals from outside of Bangalore.

Initially, there were only a handful of students. As days passed by, more and more facilities were added and the number of hostel inmates also increased steadily.

In 2014, the Jamiat purchased a house adjacent to the Jamat Khana and expanded the hostel capacity to accommodate more people. At its peak there are about 45 students and professionals in the Jamat Khana.

There is a full-time cook who operates a mess for these young men. The hostel has cupboards and lockers to store the inmates’ belongings, solar water heater facility, bathrooms and toilets.

Everybody is expected to join the prayers and other religious gatherings when they are in the Jamat Khana.

Since its inception, nearly 500 youngsters have availed this facility.

Students from Channapatna, Kirgawal, Bannur, Gokak, Belgaum, Dharamkotta, Tadsa, Hyderabad, Pune, Chichond, Panagudi, Pallipalyam, Kadapa, etc. stay at the Hostel.

Mahdavi travellers on short visits to Bangalore and Hajis boarding Haj flights from Bangalore can also stay at the Jamat Khana.


Since the Jamat Khana building was demolished in September 2017, the hostel has been shifted to temporary premises. Alhamdulillah, all the activities and facilities of the hostel continue without interruption.


When the new Jamat Khana is completed, the capacity of the hostel will increase due to availability of more space. More students will be accomodated.

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