Ex-Hostelites Speak

Assalaam Alaikum,

The Jamiat-e-Mahdavia hostel started in 2007. Since then, hundreds of students and professionals have stayed in the Jamat Khana while pursuing their educational and professional objectives.

If you have stayed at the Jamat Khana at any point of time, we request you to put in a few words of feedback.

Please cover following points in your comments:

  • your native place
  • the years you were staying in Jamat Khana
  • some positive feedback regarding the hostel (regarding food, facilities, management, costs, location, etc.)
  • what improvements can we do in the upcoming new hostel

Please use the COMMENTS section below to give your feedback. Enter your Comment, Name and Email and click the ‘Post Comment’ button.

Thank you.
Jamat-e-Mahdavia Managing Committee

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  • Shahan

    Asalam o alekum Allah ka shukur, Syed bhai aur jitne bhi jammat khane se Jude logo ka shukur guzar hu, aur seniors ka shukriya, issi tarah at present aur Ane wali generation iss se fayida uthaye, is Ku bakhi rakhe us ki dekh bhal kare, fir yeh jagah dubara nahi Milne wali, shukriya

  • Akheel

    I have been in mehdavia Jamat khana for 3 years it was really helpful for the people who just started their professional Carrier in Bangalore also for the students, here I can say about location is mid of the Banglore where can connect anywhere . Coming to prayer it is place where we completely make our prayers .
    Looking for food it was good…

  • Niyamath

    I’m from Channapatna and I have stayed in JK for almost 4 years. The facilities we get from JK is simply outstanding that too at a reasonable cost at a time when the prices of the commodities are touching sky. I am just running out of words in praising the committee members. Just wanna thank from the bottom of my heart and wish them all the best for future endeavors.

  • Syed Yaseen azhar

    I am from Channapatna stayed in jamiat-e-mahdavia from 2015 -2017. And inshallah looking forward to be a part of this.

    Feedback :
    1. It was our pleasure to have this kind of facility in Bangalore.
    2. It helps many mehdavia Muslim to make their career with support of this place.
    3.I really appreciate the management and their thoughts which makes us to be one.
    4.coming forward I would like to be a part of it once again.
    5. Food and all other facilities are awesome.
    6.It gives us the feeling of our mehdavies brotherhoodness.

  • Akmal Ahmed

    I stayed in Jamat Khana for 2.5 years.
    Its a wonderful place marked with discipline and self-development. The committee run by Syed Amjad whom we all fondly call Syed Bhai is honest and non-biased. Like an elder brother, he has always stood for whats right and guided me and others when we needed direction. The committee is open to suggestions and respects every member who stayed there. Good food, water, cleanliness, events organisation etc., are some of its higlights. But the most wonderful part of Jamat Khana are it’s crystal clear policies and honesty, which comes from its committee and expected from its people staying in Jamat Khana . I pray to Allah Ta’la for its success in years to come. Ameen

  • Syed Sabahath Ulla

    I’m from Channaptna, I stayed in Jamat Khana for 2 years.
    Firstly I want to thanks Allah secondly JK committee for arranging a home away from home in the city like Bangalore.
    Jamat Khana help us in offering 5 times prayers, tilawat-e- Qurani, attending Behr-e- aam, Taravis and religious events within our Mehdavi brothers.
    It give everyone a platform to improve the network with different group of people from different professional background.I want to thanks Bhaiju for food where I feel like home food.
    A big thanks all the committee members and our senior people for putting their efforts in running successfully and I pray Allah to accept your efforts and bless you all.
    Thank you very Much!!!

  • Rizwan shariff

    Asalam walikum wa rahmatullahi wa barkathu im from chanapatana staying in jamat khana since 2015 but still im here only and im very happy to say tht the nature of here is really awesome we can read namaz at the early morning of fajar and jummah namaz and other than i thankful to younus (bhaiju) to take care of all members of jamat khana and food is also good..

  • Parveez ulla

    Parveez ulla
    Phle tu allah ka shukar hai k hum sab mahdavia jamth khane me hai.aur
    Aise jaga app ko pore India me nai milge …..aur hum yahan aisa rahitin hai k jaise ghar me sab k sath rahtin hain …aur syeed bhai aur unki committee ka shuriya ….aur management k tu zaheer bhaiya and bhajo ka b shuriya k

  • Adnan

    *السَّلاَمُ عَلَيْكُمْ وَرَحْمَةُ اللهِ وَبَرَكَاتُُ*
    Name. Adnan, place, channapatna. Stay 2.5 years..
    Sab se phele shukar ALLHA ka aur fir syed bhai aur tamam members ka…
    1.MAHDAVIA IDARA (jamat khana) jo k nojawano k liye bhuth hi faide mand sabith huwa hai…
    2. Aj k is mehangai k daur me mahana sirf 2200 me bhurpur giza aur tamam zarurath ki chizo ka ahtemam hona bhuthi khushi ki bath hai.
    3.Aur IBADATH k liye bhi masjid ka ahetamam hai.
    4.Aur bhaiju ki qidmath bacho k liye a bhuth hi housla afzayi ki bath hai, ALLAH inne Jaza e khair ata kare…
    Aur issi tarha jk se nowjawano ko faida hasil hota rahe AMEEN…

  • Mohammed imran

    Mohammed Imran Bawogi (Hallikhed B) Bidar.
    Alamhamdulilla, I stayed at Jamiat e Mahedvia(Jamat Khana )
    For more than a year and it’s really good place for the person who want to grow in his life and more importantly we can learn about our sub caste fundamental and rights.

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