About Jamiat-e-Mahdavia


In the name of Allah, the Most Beneficent, the Most Merciful.

All praise is for Allah, the Cherisher and Sustainer of all Worlds. We send Darood and Salaam upon the Seal of the Prophets Hazrat Muhammad Sallallahu Alaihi wa Sallam and upon his perfect follower Hazrat Imam Syed Muhammad Mahdi Mau’ood Alaihis Salam.

The Mahdavia community is well aware that the need for a Jamat Khana for Mahdavis was first felt in the fifties of the 20th century. The seeds of the first Jamat Khana in Bangalore were sown by the Mahdavis of Mattadahalli, Bangalore when they started assembling in the house of Late Hazrat S A Syed Esa (B.A.B.T.) for Taraveeh and Dugana prayers. Later on these prayers were offered in the house of Late Janab Sha Abdul Ghani Saheb, Engineer. Eid prayers were offered on the terrace of the house of Dr.Mohammed Yousuf Saheb.

In 1980, the Mahdavis of Mattadahalli met at the house of Janab Fareed Miyan Saheb. This meeting was attended by luminaries like Late Hazrat S.A.Syed Esa Saheb, Late Hazrat Syed Sadullah Saheb, Hazrat Syed Meeran Saheb, Late Hazrat Syed Ashraf Dilawari Saheb, Late Janab Sha Abdul Ghani Saheb, Hazrat Syed Khalilulla Saheb, Hazrat Y Syed Peer Mohammed Saheb, Janab Syed Fareed Miyan Saheb, Janab Syed Hasan Saheb, Late Janab Sha Abdul Khuddus Saheb, Janab Syed Manju Anwar Saheb, Janab Syed Shafiullah Saheb and Janab Syed Babu Saheb. This historic meeting resulted in the formation of Jamiat-e-Mahdavia, Bangalore. In 1982, Jamiat-e-Mahdavia was registered as a co-operative society.


Very soon after its inception, with the grace of Allah, the Jamiat purchased a 30’ x 40’ property for Thirty Five Thousand Rupees (Rs.35,000/-). In those days, it was a princely sum and collecting this amount was thought to be a difficult task. So it was decided that Janab Syed Hasan would purchase half the site and the Jamiat will purchase the other half. But Allah had willed something different. There was a long delay by the site owner in registering the site. This delay was a blessing in disguise for the Jamiat as it could collect the entire Rs.35000 during this time. Thus the entire site was bought and registered in the name of Jamiat-e-Mahdavia in 1983.

A few days later, the foundation work for the construction was started. The digging of the foundation was inaugurated by Muffasir-e-Quran Hazrat Mashaiq Syed Meeranji Abid Khundmiri Saheb, Late Hazrat Mashaiq Syed Salamullah Saheb and Late Hazrat Mashaiq Syed Ibrahim alias Bawa Saheb Miyan Saheb (of Cuddapah). Other dignitaries who joined this inauguration were Late Janab Amir Jan Saheb of Mysore and Janab Sadat Ali Khan Saheb, ex. MLA.

In 1985, a Jamat-Khana, covering half the site area, was constructed. The building comprised of a big hall and three shops. The shops were constructed to serve as an income source for the maintenance of the Jamat Khana. Even as the construction was in progress, Late Hazrat Syed Ashraf Saheb Mahdavi of Channapatna, who was a frequent visitor to Bangalore and a Tarik-ud-Dunya, gathered the people and started the five time daily prayers. It was due to his hard work that the Mahdavia way of religion was imparted to the Mahdavis of Mattadahalli. Under his leadership we also performed Taraveeh, Dugana and Eid prayers and also started commemorating Bahr’aams. By the grace of Allah this adherance of five time prayers, Taraveeh, Dugana, Eid, Jumma prayers and Bahr’aams of ImamunaAS, BibiRZ and KhulafasRZ has been observed every year to this day.


With each passing year the number of people attending Taraveeh and Dugana grew and a time came when the building was proving insufficient to handle the big congregation. The Jamiat consulted the elders of the community regarding this problem. The elders advised that the shops be demolished and the area included in the prayer hall. It was also decided to construct the first floor over the existing building. This work started in September 2002 and was completed in March 2003.

In January 2005, a further extension project was started to cover the rest of the site with two floors. This expansion was completed in 2006.

In 2009, a steel sheet roof was constructed on the terrace. The steel sheet covered 75% of the terrace and effectively functioned as the 2nd floor.

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